Alexander Technique Canada
The Canadian Society of The Alexander Technique


What We Do

The Canadian Society of Teachers of the F.M Alexander Technique (CANSTAT) is a Canadian not-for-profit corporation that leads efforts to support the Alexander Technique across Canada.



Founded in 1981, CANSTAT maintains Canadian standards for Alexander Technique teacher training, membership, and practice. In addition, CANSTAT fosters affiliation with similar Alexander Technique credentialing bodies worldwide; promotes public awareness, understanding, and access to the Alexander Technique; and furthers Alexander Technique research and professional development. 

Mission and Vision

To support the Alexander Technique to become a continuously developing, healthy profession in Canada.  One with an open, sharing, collaborative culture of teachers whose work is recognized by the public, and health, education, and arts organizations as: A modern, powerful, and practical approach that enhances health and well-being; an essential aspect of artistic training and performance across Canada; a source of further discovery for the full embodiment and development of human potential.


CANSTAT is an educational, nonsectarian, nondiscriminatory organization. CANSTAT is a member of the Alexander Technique Affiliated Societies (ATAS) and upholds the values and by-laws shared and agreed upon between ATAS organizations worldwide.

Executive Council and Board of Directors

The executive Council of CANSTAT is a volunteer board that oversees all operation and acts as its official Board of Directors.

President: Heather Campbell

Vice President: David Owen

Secretary/Treasurer: Michael Mah

Committees and Representatives

ATC volunteer committees and representatives are an essential support that further the foundation and reach of the Alexander Technique in Canada and beyond.

Professional Conduct Committee
Marta Hunter, Johanna Godliman, and Sharon Blair-Chow

Teacher Training Committee
Brigitte Caron, Elaine Kopman, Gabriella Minnes Brandes, and Marta Hunter

RES Representative for Member Insurance
Hélène Bellemare

Webmaster and IT
Michael Mah

Alexander Technique Affiliated Societies (ATAS) Representative
Heather Campbell

Social Media Committee
Michael Mah, Aleah Wielinga, Camille Cordroch

Administrative Director
Mary Travaglini


ATC has a rich history of volunteers.  The following people deserve special recognition for their service to CANSTAT, including serving on Council.

Ann Penistan, Bob Schweitzer, Brenda Beament, David Owen, Donald Hunkin, Elaine Kopman, Emily Sun, Francois Morissette, Gabriella Minnes Brandes, Gary Labovitz, Heather Campbell, Heather Walker, Howard Bockner, James Laidlaw, Johanna Godliman, Kevin McEvenue, Lawrence Smith, Malcolm Balk, Mark Vasak, Marta Hunter, Mei Lee, Michael Mah, Micheline Charron, Nancy Sicsic, Pat Daniels, Pamela Jeffrey, Pamela Van Weeldon, Paula Althouse, Richard Ireton, Simon Ghiberti, Steven Glassman, Suzanne Jacob, Verna Johnson, Wilma Mosmans