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Membership Benefits


Membership Categories

Membership Categories
CANSTAT supports the following membership categories

  1. Ordinary Members (Voting) 

  2. Non-voting Members
    (i) Trainee Members
    (ii) Associate Members
    (iii) Honorary Members

Ordinary (Teaching) Member Benefits

CANSTAT full teacher membership, also know as 'Ordinary' membership, is available to teachers who meet the CANSTAT certification requirements.  If you are already a CANSTAT member and wish to renew your annual membership, please click here.

Benefits of teaching membership include:

  • Annual General Meeting  (AGM): Voting privileges and input into moving our profession forwards in Canada. The CANSTAT AGM is held once per year and allows you to keep up to date with all CANSTAT Council and Director functions, and provides an integral place to have your voice heard.

  • Website Teacher Listing: Each CANSTAT member has their contact information displayed on the CANSTAT website to provide the public with information on how to connect with your teaching practice.

  • Quarterly Newsletter: The CANSTAT quarterly e-newsletter is a way for members to stay connected to Council and the teaching community in Canada. The newsletter features updates on CANSTAT activities, professional development opportunities for members sponsored by CANSTAT, updates on recent research, and more!

  • Office Administration: CANSTAT Council is a volunteer run board that works hard to provide members with effective and helpful assistance throughout your teaching practice. In addition, the CANSTAT Teacher Training Committee, Professional Conduct Committee, and other Representatives are here to support members with any questions or concerns. For a full list of committees and representatives go here.

  • Members Only Area: The Members area of the website is accessible only to CANSTAT members.  This section contains:

    • Notification on professional development activities sponsored by CANSTAT

    • Downloadable PDF version of CANSTAT newsletters

    • Updates on Representative and Committee activities

    • Latest news from CANSTAT Council

    • Downloadable trademark for website use

    • Additional resources to support your practice

  • Professional Liability Insurance:  Comprehensive professional liability insurance is available to CANSTAT Ordinary Members through RES (Resomatic Educaiton Soceity) and Holman Insurance.  

Non-Teaching Member Benefits

The non-teaching membership category is for former Ordinary Teaching Members who despite not currently teaching, wish to remain connected to the Alexander Teaching community, to support CANSTAT and AT in Canada, and to avoid the process of full membership renewal when they want to join again. Non-teaching members are non-voting and receive:

  • Decreased membership cost

  • Subscription to the CANSTAT quarterly e-newsletter

  • Invitation to the AGM (Annual General Meeting)

  • Access to the members only area

Trainee Membership

Students / trainees of CANSTAT-certified training schools are eligible to join CANSTAT following approval of their school director. Please see student membership requirements for further details. Student members are non-voting and receive:

  • Subscription to the CANSTAT e-newsletter

  • Invitation to the AGM (Annual General Meeting)

  • Support from CANSTAT Council, committee, and representatives during training

  • Updates regarding CANSTAT supported professional development opportunities open to trainees

  • Access to the members only area

Associate/ Honorary Membership Features and Benefits

Associate membership is available to those who are not Alexander teachers but are interested in CANSTAT and supporting the Alexander Technique in Canada. Membership includes:

  • Subscription to the CANSTAT e-newsletter

  • Invitation to workshops for Associate Members at the AGM (Annual General Meeting)

  • Recognition of support of the Alexander Technique in Canada on the CANSTAT website

All members agree to abide by the by-laws and Code of Conduct of CANSTAT.  Questions? Please contact CANSTAT here.