Alexander Technique Canada
The Canadian Society of The Alexander Technique

Registration and Renewal


Each year, Alexander Technique teachers must renew their registration by June 1. 

Additionally, Voting Members are required to provide proof of insurance (once received from your provider).

ATC's official membership year is from June 1st - May 31st of the following year. Annual registration fee must be received no later than July 31 to avoid a late fee penalty or cancellation. 

1. To submit annual membership dues please complete one of the following:

Send an e-transfer to (see dues structure below for updated membership amount), or mail a cheque to the address below:

Attention: ATC Treasurer
4028 Powderhorn Court
Mississauga, ON, L5L 3C4

2. To submit a copy of your insurance policy

E-mail a copy of your current insurance policy to or mail a copy to the address above

  • Voting Membership: $135 per year

  • Associate Membership (non-voting): $35 per year

  • Student Membership (non-voting): $75 *one time payment only

  • Honorary Membership (non-teaching, non-voting): No fee



Comprehensive professional liability insurance is available to ATC Ordinary Members through RES (Somatic Educators Group) and Holman Insurance.  Please contact RES or Holman for details on current rates and application procedures. Having difficulty contacting these insurance providers? Please get in touch with our



Voting Member Eligibility

Teachers are eligible for Voting Membership if they hold a Certificate of Training from an CANSTAT approved teacher training course or from a teacher training course approved by school associated with the Affiliated Societies (ATAS) and live in Canada.  Please contact CANSTAT council to request a new membership application package and to determine eligibility.  Once all of the required documents are received (including: approval from two certified ATC teachers, signed agreement to ATC’s Bylaw and Code of Professional Conduct, proof of insurance, and membership dues), the application is brought before Council for membership approval. Only after your membership is approved will membership dues be processed and an official ATC-certification processed.

Trainee Members

Please have your ATC-approved teacher trainer contact Council to provide approval of your trainee membership and to request a current copy of the trainee member application form. Once Council has received and approved your signed trainee membership application and your trainee membership dues, you will be welcomed to the ATC community with associated benefits to support your Alexander Technique training. Please get in touch with any further question.

All members agree to abide by the Bylaw and Code of Professional Conduct of ATC.  Questions? Please contact CANSTAT here.